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Pool Entertainment Area Ideas for Summer

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With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to spruce up the entertainment area around your pool. A functional and enjoyable entertainment area is perfect to host parties for special events. When it comes to pool entertainment areas, there a couple of simple things you can do to make yours stand out.

How to Enhance Your Pool Entertainment Area

There are countless things you can do to make the space around your pool more suitable for parties. The benefit is that enhancing your outdoor entertainment area won’t only be nice for parties. You might find it’s a lovely area to relax and spend time with family members.

How much nicer you can make your pool area will depend on your budget and what you’re starting out with. If the area around your pool is neatly paved, for instance, you’ll have a nice space to work with already. If you only have a thin area of pavement around your pool, adding more paved areas will give you some space to create your entertainment area.

Why Flooring is Important

Paved areas create an even floor space, which is great for entertaining. You can add anything from tables and chairs to barbeque grills and recliners on your floored area. The floor just separates the pool entertainment area from the rest of your yard and gives you a blank slate that you can decorate the same way you would with a room.

Another benefit of a paved area is that people who are swimming won’t need to walk in your garden with wet feet – helping to reduce the rubble that ends up in your pool.

Your entertainment area floor space doesn’t have to be paved, though. You could also consider adding a wooden pool deck or patio. If you have a large paved area, you could still expand it by adding a wood deck. A staircase from your pavement to a raised wood deck could look fun and practical. It will expand your entertainment space and enhance its feel.

Although wood decks add a lot of character, they tend to require more maintenance. Wood decks need to be thoroughly cleaned, sanded down and repainted with varnish every year or two. Even though a wood deck might be cheaper to install initially, it will cost more over time in maintenance. Don’t choose to get a wood deck based on the initial price only. Consider the maintenance costs and upkeep of different decks and choose a material you like most.

Other flooring options exist. You don’t need to stick to normal pavement or a wood deck. Tiles or stones can also work. But for safety reasons, you should try to choose a tile or material that won’t get too slippery when it’s wet. Something like coarse sandstone is a good choice.

Gazebos, Pergolas or Shade Sails

If your whole outdoor area is exposed, adding a gazebo or shade sail somewhere can go a long way into giving you a homier space. The trick is to keep some areas open so you also enjoy the sun on cooler days.

A covered area will also provide the perfect place to put any outdoor furniture and other decorations. You wouldn’t, after all, want your furniture to be exposed to all weather elements. On sunny days, exposed furniture will get sun damage – when it rains, your furniture will get soaking wet. Either way, your furniture will sustain damage if you place it out in the open.

Brainstorming Pool Area Decor Ideas

Once you have a decent floored your space to work with, there’s an endless amount of things you can do to furnish it. When deciding what you want in the space, there are a couple of things to ask yourself:

  • How would you like to use the space?
  • What can you do to make the space functional?
  • How much are you willing to spend on decorating?
  • Do you want space to feel open and spacious, or small and intimate?

What you choose to do with your pool area will depending largely on how your answer these questions.

For instance, when considering how you’ll use the space, don’t simply assume it’ll be for parties. A pool entertainment area is great for hosting pool parties, but chances are your family will use the deck more than guests. Your family would probably enjoy eating outside, swimming in the pool and reading books on recliners. Think about how both your family and guests would like to enjoy your pool area, then try to accommodate both.

What to Put in Your Pool Entertainment Area

Some things are already synonymous with pool areas, like recliners and even hammocks. But to come up with the best ideas for your pool area, you’ll need to think outside the box! Combine both common and unconventional ideas to create a space that echoes your personality.

Lounge Area

A small lounge area with some coaches will provide somewhere to sit comfortably and relax. Your space will be much more tranquil if you have a comfortable place to sit and read books, work on your laptop or chat to people. If your space is tight, even just two comfy seats can be enough for your lounge. Combining comfy seats with pouf seats and cubes is a great way to provide more seating without using too much space.

Dining Area

A dining area will be useful for both parties and family time. When you host parties, guests can sit around the table and talk. It’s also a good place to put out snacks for everyone! As with a lounge, you don’t need a big table if you don’t have enough space. Just make sure it’s big enough so your whole family can sit around the table for a meal.

Cooking Station

Your cooking station can consist of a grill and a countertop to work on. This space will be great for barbeques, but the countertop can also be used to lay out snacks or drinks if you aren’t using the barbeque

When hosting a barbeque, you’ll always need cooking utensils, aprons and cloths. Add hooks in the wall by your grill to hang these times or find another place to store them close by. Doing so would make cooking at your grill much more convenient.

Storage Tables or Cubes

If you’re short on space, you’ll love this idea! Adding tables or seating cubes that double up as storage can help you stretch your space. Tables or storage cubes are great to store blankets, cushions and even board games. Whatever you want to keep in your entertainment area, a storage cube or table can help you do so.

Wheeled Tables

Remember the countertop for your cooking station? Getting a wheeled table for this purpose can make your space much more functional. A wheeled table easily moves around, so when you aren’t using it for cooking, you can place it out in the open to sere drinks on.

Potted Plants

At some point, you might start to feel like your space lacks personality. Putting out some potted plants you like is a great way to add some life to your entertainment area. It brings the garden into your pool entertainment area and helps you feel closer to nature.

Pool Lights

Installing under water lights into your pool will light it up at night and create a beautiful ambience. A lighted pool is great for if you want to host parties in your garden at night.

String Lights

Under water pool lights create a wonderful nighttime atmosphere, but they can be pricey to install. String lights are a cheaper option that could also make your space look nicer, regardless of whether you have lights in your pool.

Floating Pool Candles

As with string lights, floating candles are much cheaper than pool lights. They can be a great party decoration for a nighttime event!

Pebbles and Stones

An area with pebbles or stones around your pool can give your space an earthy, natural feel.

Pool or Foosball Table

A pool or foosball table in your pool entertainment area will be lots of fun for your guests and family. Both children and adults enjoy playing some games from time to time. A dart board is also a great option.

Throw Pillows

Sometimes adding new life to a space is as simple as new throw pillows. Vibrant colors will bring life to your pool entertainment area.

Fire Bowl

A fire bowl is a great place for everyone to get cozy around on cool evenings.

Tiled Accent Wall

Tiling one of the walls by your entertainment area can add texture and color to the space.

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to create the an exceptional pool entertainment area. To host amazing parties and enjoy your pool to the fullest, ensure that your pool is clean. A pool with algae and dirt won’t be any fun to swim in.

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